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The Treasure Within

Now a certified ballet teacher under the Russian Ballet Association, Carmen Wong Ching Li has dedicated her passion to the performance art. The Ex-Marketing Director who brought jubilation to Luna Enterprise with an award in Best Marketing Strategies challenges herself in digital art and had successfully secured a role offered by a company in product design. Impacted by the advocacy of JA Malaysia for work readiness, Carmen is determined to test out her business acumen and has chosen to undertake Business and Marketing as her future considerations.  

Written by JA Malaysia Alumnus, Richelle Khor.


I joined the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Program in 2018 and oh boy, it was such an experience! I became the Marketing Director of Luna Enterprise and I learnt many things such as leadership skills, team work, patience, endurance and commitment. Throughout the year of 2018, our company held sales in order to raise money and make profits. Our target market was both students and teachers. 

In August, all ten Young Enterprise Companies were involved in a sales fair in Paradigm Mall. From there, we were tasked to send in reports. This was quite a challenge as we were in the midst of our final exams in school as well. However, we must have made an impression as our reports led to Luna Enterprise being chosen as the top 5 companies who had the potential of winning the Company of The Year Award. The 4 of us, Aliya (Managing Director), Kishaannth (Assistant Managing Director), Li Po (Finance Director) and I (Marketing Director) were interviewed by the judges who will decide which of the 5 companies deserve the prestigious award. We were all very nervous but we managed to keep our wits together and did our best. I constantly told myself to not panic or overthink. We ended up having a good time during the interview and it lasted about 45 minutes! 

Then came the Annual Awards Day. We were all very excited but we didn’t want to get our hopes up. So instead, we prayed for the best. Luna Enterprise managed to place first runner up for most of the awards and by the time they were about to announce the grand prize, most of us, including myself, lost hope as another company kept on winning first place for all the other awards, and so we thought they would win the Company of The Year Award too. 

I held my breath as they made the announcement and was utterly surprised when they announced Luna Enterprise as the winner. I could hardly believe my ears and I felt immensely happy! I felt so proud of all the Luna Enterprise members. We have had our ups and downs but we pushed through, together. Aliya, Kishaannth, Li Po and I were ecstatic as we have been invited to represent Malaysia in the Junior Achievement Asia Pacific Company of The Year Competition that would be held in the Philippines the following year. We immediately started making preparations. We worked together on the product design and the slide presentations.

No words can describe how grateful and privileged I was to be given the opportunity to represent my country with my team mates, Aliya, Kishaannth, and Li Po in the Junior Achievement Asia Pacific Company of The Year Competition. This experience has taught me so many things such as leadership, team work, cooperation, communication and globalisation. Therefore, I would like to thank Junior Achievement Malaysia, Junior Achievement Asia Pacific and Junior Achievement Worldwide for spreading their belief and passion. Not forgetting Junior Achievement Philippines for graciously hosting all of us!

Throughout this trip, I was blessed to have made many new friends and I hope that we will all keep in touch. This was an amazing, once in a life time opportunity that I would be forever be thankful for. I am beyond proud to have graduated as a JA Alumna.