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JA Malaysia, a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide (JAWW), and is committed to delivering hands on, immersive learning in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship throughout Malaysia, to provide Malaysian students with a better understanding of business knowledge, while exposing them to skills that will enhance their employability and career success.

Students are the business leaders of tomorrow and will be setting the standards of skills, creativity, innovation and integrity in corporations. It is thus imperative that, on the onset, they develop a keen understanding of financials and business.

JA Malaysia catered students’ needs in the era of technology by creating this e-commerce platform for experiential and hands-on learning. With the ever-advancing online business industry, JA Malaysia inspires to prepare Malaysian youth to succeed in a global economy.


JA Malaysia

Simulation of a running a Business with Real Products, Real Customers and Real Profit. 

Hone entrepreneurial competencies and skills such as Resourcefulness, Perseverance, Taking Responsibility, Leadership & Financial Literacy. 

Students develop relevant Business Acumen and Entrepreneurial mind-set needed to succeed in the business world. 

Students develop a Positive attitude with the guidance and mentorship of Corporate Volunteers throughout their YE journey.

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